Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was contacted recently by a really wonderful agency in New York about doing illustration work for a hair product ad. They requested line illustrations showing: girl using curling iron, braiding, brushing and using rollers.
Just recently, in a mad cleaning frenzy, I chucked my set of big hot rollers thinking...when am I ever going to use these bad boys again? Well here's my answer. *#$@#@. Groan. Well thank God for google. I found some great images of big fat rollers to work from.
For some of the other images, I thought it would be funny to show my process. In many cases when I want something very specific, I art direct my family to get me the exact shot I need.
Angle it up a now back up a little.
(Surely nothing can be more fun than being art directed with a tiny point and shoot digital camera)
Here's a couple of shots, including my personal favorite, 'braiding a lampshade'.

So I print these images out on my little photo printer, and then I sketch from them. Here are the images I created:
And the ad: