Saturday, September 19, 2009


I was contacted recently by a really wonderful agency in New York about doing illustration work for a hair product ad. They requested line illustrations showing: girl using curling iron, braiding, brushing and using rollers.
Just recently, in a mad cleaning frenzy, I chucked my set of big hot rollers thinking...when am I ever going to use these bad boys again? Well here's my answer. *#$@#@. Groan. Well thank God for google. I found some great images of big fat rollers to work from.
For some of the other images, I thought it would be funny to show my process. In many cases when I want something very specific, I art direct my family to get me the exact shot I need.
Angle it up a now back up a little.
(Surely nothing can be more fun than being art directed with a tiny point and shoot digital camera)
Here's a couple of shots, including my personal favorite, 'braiding a lampshade'.

So I print these images out on my little photo printer, and then I sketch from them. Here are the images I created:
And the ad:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Earth

Little Earth - the creator of the License Plate purse - approached me recently about using my illustrations for a line of purses. When I checked out their lineup, I saw that they licensed all the NFL teams, NHL teams, MLB, as well as some really cool artists like Leo Espinoza, and I was sold -

The designer chose the color palette and layout, using illustrations she requested from me.
The end result is shown below:

It is tremendously fun to have a purse with my illustrations on it (I'm pretty sure I would faint if I saw a stranger in public carrying something I created).

A wonderful friend of mine purchased the Fender Flair version told me she gets stopped all the time by people who remark on it...
or maybe she just tells me that so I'll get that nerdy little happy smile...